One town, we are all going to hear about in the next coming weeks is Beaune, the “Capital of the Burgundy wines”, where the annual wine auction is known all around the world. That is why it was so logical to devote the second episode of our “postcards” articles to our vineyard’s historical and geographical heart!

Founded under the protection of the Celtic god “Belenos”, the city and its wines have experienced periods of glory during the Middle-Age, notably thanks to the Dukes of Burgundy ‘support. The ramparts surrounding the town or the belfry which can be seen from faraway, both bear witness to those blessed times, as well as the Hotel Dieu Hospital whose glazed tile roof highly carries the fame of the City and of Burgundy.

And this is precisely right next there, under the magnificent hall in the city centre, that the world-famous wine auction takes place every third weekend of November. Formerly intended to finance the hospital care, those charity sales attract nowadays buyers from all around the world and an ever-growing public. The wines, coming from vineyards acquired over time through illustrious benefactor’s donations, are sold by inch of candle in 228 litres barrels (called “pieces” in Burgundy) under the presidency and in the presence of numerous personalities.

This wine auction is the autumn’s major event in Beaune with a full weekend of festivities, in the cellars as in chic receptions with spectacles, contests and exhibitions.

But a weekend at Beaune in November is not enough! You have to come back soon and enjoy all year long the nice walks in the pedestrian streets, discovering secret stairs, historical facades and the numerous restaurant’s menus in a town totally dedicated to the pleasures of table !

It is difficult in fact to draw up here an exhaustive selection of our favourite restaurants in Beaune as there are so many and varied ones! To discover absolutely in the heart of the town : the renowned Loiseau des Vignes and Le Bacchus or Le P’tit Paradis, two restaurants where the warm welcome, the refined cooking and the charming wine pairings advices will undoubtedly offer you a very special moment.

You have understood, the ideal is to come (and come again!) for some days in the heart of the burgundy’s vineyard, stay for a while in the exceptional surrounding of L’Hostellerie du Cèdre, and fill the city’s particular atmosphere, preferably on Saturday mornings throughout one of the most vibrant markets in the region.

Last but not least, do not leave without opening the door of the Moutarderie Fallot, one of the last familial mustard factories in Burgundy with an interesting museum space and charming faded beauty that will certainly spice up you time in Beaune !

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