4 new medals in the contest of the 2017 Burgondia!

Every year since 1993, Burgundy welcomes in February the Club Burgondia, a jury of experts from the four corners of the planet, made up of professionals from the world of wine, oenologists, sommeliers, restaurateurs, wine merchants, journalists, importers or oenophiles.

Once assembled, this jury must distinguish the best wines of Burgundy and the 10 crus of Beaujolais, registered in the Concours des Burgondia through a blind tasting of a wide range of samples.

Those Gold, Silver or Bronze medals then affixed on bottles of award winning wines, are for the consumers as for whole team Labouré-Roi, the recognition of quality work.

For this 33rd edition, 4 of our wines have been awarded

Three gold medals :

  • Morey-Saint-Denis 2015
  • Auxey-Duresses 2015 Blanc
  • Rully 2015 Blanc 

And a silver medal:

  • Saint-Romain 2015

We are very proud to share with you these awards, which come in addition to the nice list of previous years.

These medals celebrate once again the selection and winemaking work, done with passion and method by all our team under the leadership of Brigitte Putzu, oenologist and signature of Labouré-Roi’s wines. Thanks to this daily commitment, we can deliver each year to our customers, great wines, representative of their terroirs and their variety of origin and accessible to all.

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