Brigitte Putzu – the gustatory signature of Labouré-Roi’s wines

Born in the Hospices de Beaune, Brigitte Putzu, Labouré-Roi’s oenologist, has Burgundy in her blood! But the wines from this region are also part of her family’s passion and history; since her grandfather had left his native Venice in order to take over the reigns at the Domaine Musy in Volnay.

Following in her family’s footsteps, she obtained her Oenology Degree which she complemented with a diploma in Viticultural Science in 1982, before finally devoting herself entirely to wine, especially wines from Burgundy. She has been working with them for over 35 years now.

First, she worked as an oenologist in Nuits-Saint-Georges, where she spent 22 years between vines and barrels (in the Maison Chauvenet and Louis Max). There, she forged her reputation as a woman producing very high quality wines, of a particularly refined elegance, and she travelled as far as Corbières to supervise the wine production for the Louis Max group.

In 2004 she moved to Morey-Saint-Denis to perfect her knowledge and skills and worked at helping a Domaine with its international exports. Then she founded, in Beaune, with her sister, a wine trading company that worked with about twenty Domaines and winemakers from Burgundy.

Today, it is in the selection, vinification, and ageing of Labouré-Roi’s finest wines that Brigitte Putzu focuses all of her attention and talent. Her career path, which has always strived for quality and the respect of Burgundy’s appellations, allowed her to gain not only perfect technical and gustatory skills, but also an exceptional knowledge of Burgundy’s vineyards, its multiple characteristics and climats, as well as earning the respect of the region’s winemakers and traders.

These interpersonal relations with various actors from Burgundy’s wine industry are fundamental to Brigitte: “Because at Labouré-Roi we are wine merchants as well as producers, it is primordial that we maintain strong ties with our partner winegrowers, who we harvest our source material from, and with our traders, who we buy this harvest from, which in turn will allow me to vinify. Making a wine remains a team effort and in Burgundy more than anywhere else, nothing can be done without these men and women. I profoundly admire the winegrowers that fulfill their work with respect for the earth, the vine, and nature, and I strive to accurately portray their work in our wines. I remain fascinated by the incredibly diverse palette of aromas found in Burgundy’s vineyards all stemming from just two grape varieties. But, make no mistake! It is not the oenologist that is revealed in the wine, but rather the wine that reveals the oenologist!”

For Labouré-Roi, Brigitte Putzu’s experience is a guarantee of great quality, recognized and appreciated by our clients, as well as an assurance of offering products that can meet the highest standards, in the respect of appellations and the purest expression of the different characteristics of each climat and terroir.

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