Easy-Drinking Wines according to Maison Labouré-Roi

Because wine is, above all else, a reason for conviviality, Labouré-Roi invites you on a trip around the wonderful flavors of France with its “easy-drinking” wines. Fresh, crisp, and pleasant on the palate, they remind us of the sun, vacations, and reunions with family and friends. A perfect accompaniment for a barbecue, a summer salad, or simply a drink on the patio, they guarantee you lots of shared happiness, joyful and festive moments, and many interesting connections and discoveries.

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Merlot or our Cuvée des Princes Blanc, Rouge or Rosé, not to mention our Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir from the South of France… These grape varieties and cuvées take you on a magical tour of our most beautiful regions.

With their rich experience and know-how in Burugndy, our oenologists have selected, with the same passion and attention, some very nice cuvées from our southern regions. In these wines, that we like to call “easy-drinking” wines, you will find the soul and spirit of Burgundy, and the elegance and refinement of the Maison Labouré-Roi, as well as a great respect for the different grape varieties and terroirs of these French vineyards.

Part of those gourmet and no-fuss approach wines – and always of a very good quality – you will appreciate the fruitiness of the rosés, the sunny notes of the whites, and the warm and spicy character of the reds.

And if you listen intently, you can almost hear glasses clinking, shared laughter, and the soothing sound of cicadas singing!

And it is no coincidence that the experts from Gault et Millau have also recently selected, from this range, our Vins de France Pinot Noir 2015 and the “Cuvée des Princes” Rouge.

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