Foodex 2016 trade show: when the quality of Labouré-Roi’s wines seduces Japan

During the trade show, we had the opportunity to meet all of our important Japanese clients, attracted to our stall by the great appeal of our Burgundy wines. Our determination to offer our final consumers high quality wines at reasonable prices – ranging from Burgundy to the South of France, passing through the Rhône valley – as well as the elegance and refinement that we instill in our products, have fueled a strong interest from our Japanese friends.

The consistency between gustatory quality and immediate tasting pleasure for the consumer, while remaining accessible to the largest number of people, is a key factor for our Japanese partners. Their current clientele focuses more on fruity and distinguished wines that can be easily shared with family and friends, while remaining constant in quality –promises our productions were able to meet.

Our offer is varied and complementary, whether it be our Pinot Noir – Vin de France, our Merlot – Vin de France or our Sauvignon Blanc – Vin de France from the South of France, or our Coteaux Bourguignons and Bourgogne Pinot Noir; all were greatly appreciated and our Burgundian know-how thus recognized. These are for the Japanese guarantees of quality, that we were able to emphasize in a market keen for the pleasures of the palate, and products that easily pair with the delicate and refined Japanese dishes.

This trade fair was also an excellent opportunity for us to experience, once more, the exceptional hospitality and kindness of our Japanese friends, and savor their famous traditional cuisine!

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