From pleasure to excellence, Labouré-Roi wines invite you to the heart of Burgundy’s climats

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 “In Burgundy when we speak of the climat, we do not look up towards the sky, we look downwards to the ground” This well-known phrase by Bernard Pivot elegantly expresses the notion of “climat” that has become so unique and cherished in Burgundy, and it summarizes quite well the philosophy of Labouré-Roi’s wines.

But the Maison Labouré-Roi goes even further than that, it invites us all to explore and discover, thanks to its comprehensive wines that our tasters can identify with, and make their own. In fact, these wines are now served on board numerous airline or maritime companies throughout the world.

Because, it must be said that in Burgundy, the diversity of climats the, typicity of each parcel and the evocative name of each village are already a big part of the dream! Nuits-Saint-Georges; a bottle of which was left on the moon by one of the members of Apollo XV, Gevrey Chambertin; a wine that accompanied Napoléon’s military campaigns, or Chablis and Pommard; names mentioned throughout the world on a daily basis… Each one of our Terroirs Wine, as we like to call them, express the richness of the soil as well as the great Burgundian know-how of course… But each bottle is also destined to be part of a moment, an exchange, or the imaginary… whether it be during a rustic meal shared on a bending path, a festive dinner on a Parisian terrace, or during a relaxing evening in Japan… Labouré-Roi wines are all of this at the same time!


And on the highest step of the podium, you will find wines we like to call our “Wines of Excellence”, such as the Clos de Vougeot, the Corton Charlemagne, or the Meursault Premier Cru Blagny. With these Grands Crus and Premiers Crus of Burgundy, you have access to the best wines, where aromas are perfectly balanced, just like notes of music that create marvelous harmonies at the greatest of concerts… These wines with personality and character will literally make you vibrate, they will bring you joy, well-being, and emotion! Our oenologist, Brigitte Putzu works to create these wines with patience, by selecting with love and care the best parcels and climats of Burgundy, harvested at perfect maturity, then assembled with great attention in order to fulfill your high expectations for these very fine wines.

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