Labouré-Roi, committed to protecting the environment alongside Planète Urgence for the last 8 years.

Conscious both of its complete dependency on nature and the environment, provider of great quality grapes, and of its impact on the environment, by the development of its activities throughout the world, the Maison Labouré Roi has been, since 2008, working in partnership with Planète Urgence. This partnership aims to implement programs intending to maintain biodiversity in the world’s most unstable areas and provide help to the most impoverished populations.

This initiative emerged from a simple consideration: how do we continue to produce high quality wines, on rich and healthy soil, if we do not take into account the environment in its global and planetary context? Even if we all realize the necessity of modifying our habits in terms of consumption and production, and the Maison Labouré-Roi is committed to working with its winegrowers, oenologists, and business partners in promoting “reasoned agriculture” processes, we had to surpass this initial consideration and initiate specific actions aiming at reducing our carbon footprint on the short, mid, and long terms.

In order to measure our environmental impact, we studied the entirety of our production and distribution line to precisely measure the impact each step has on our carbon emissions levels, starting with our raw materials production – the grapes – and ending with the final commercialization of our wines, not to mention the emissions stemming from the bottling process and the ones resulting from the production and delivery of our “dry” matter such as bottles, cardboard boxes, or labels. These measurements were compiled by a certified consulting firm and were at the basis of actions implemented with Planète Urgence. As a precaution, we always strive to overcompensate the carbon dioxide emissions measured in our research. 

During the last 8 years of our partnership with Planète Urgence, the Maison Labouré-Roi has actively worked to balance out the inequalities between Northern and Southern countries and in the preservation of the environment for future generations. These actions have resulted in the installation of water wells in dry desert areas or areas threatened by future desertification, the funding of school kits encouraging children’s alphabetization and education, in countries where education is not necessarily a right, or the massive planting of trees in Africa and Asia, in order to compensate for our greenhouse gas emissions. 

Therefore, as a result of this collaboration, more than 80 000 trees have already been planted in Indonesian mangroves on the Island of Sumatra and in Mali. Furthermore, we now participate in the reconstruction of mangroves on the Island of Borneo. For example, to compensate for one container of wines shipped to Japan, we need to plant approximately 166 mangroves in Indonesia.

Planète Urgence is a French NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) located in Montreuil whose objectives are to reinforce populations’ autonomy and the protection of the environment.


On a daily basis, the activities of Planète Urgence are:

  • educating Southern populations and enhancing their competencies, as an added benefit for them to develop their activities and provide for their families;
  • providing support to numerous schools and promoting alphabetization as a right for all;
  • working for the protection of the environment, particularly in the implementation of reforestation projects with ecological and economic goals, which aim to fight the irreversible character of climate change.

All of Planète Urgence’s projects are built around the principles of sustainable and fair development, and the Maison Labouré-Roi is proud to offer its modest contribution to this cause.

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