Labouré-Roi, wine merchant and producer in the heart of Burgundy!

If there is a French wine region that possesses an incredibly rich variety of flavors and aromas, it certainly is that of Burgundy! The whole world envies Burgundy’s unique alchemy characterized by its wines’ extreme subtlety – stemming from man’s relationship with the vine – in an incredible diversity of geographic and climatic realities, from Marsannay to Saint-Véran, right up to Chablis.

It is true that the expression of its terroirs, referred to as climats in Burgundy, is taken here to its purest form. Often tiny parcels, mostly planted on hillsides facing the rising sun, which are part of an elaborate map of about a hundred different controlled appellations of origin that spread out on 250 km from the north to the south, foster this diversity. And yet, this amazing gustatory range is the result of a single grape variety viticulture, mainly consisting of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, as well as of Gamay and Aligoté in lesser quantities.

Emblematic of  « Burgundy’s magic », the famous climats are now listed as part of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites since July 2015. They can be defined by the combination of a few intangible elements:

  • parcel declivity;
  • soil;
  • sub-soil;
  • climate conditions;
  • the ancestral history and know-how of Burgundy’s winemakers.

But it is not only the vineyards that have been fragmented in Burgundy. All of its unique characteristics involved the interaction between numerous trades in order to better exploit Burgundy’s vineyards and elevate them to a level of internationally recognized excellence – that it has now benefited from for many years.

Labouré-Roi’s wine merchant and producer role has been a part of this history since 1832. Its vocation has always been to vinify and promote fine wines from Burgundy throughout the world – a primordial purpose that remains at the heart of Burgundy’s viticultural sector. As a real intermediary link between the winegrower and the final consumer, we produce renowned wines starting from the vine itself, our source material, which we accompany in its development with our winemaking partners.

Backed by its competence and mastery in the selection of grapes, in a cultural and climatic environment as specific and particular as the Burgundian one, the Maison Labouré-Roi can now put its experience at your service and offer you wines from the Beaujolais, the Rhone valley, the Languedoc, and the South of France.

For the pleasure of discovering the best of varietal wines from Burgundy to the banks of the Mediterranean.

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