Labouré-Roi, « your partner in travel »!

There is a tradition at Labouré-Roi, and it is to be present aboard the airlines that take you to your vacation destinations or business meetings abroad.

Wine during long-haul flights is an important factor in having an enjoyable flight for wine amateurs – and everyone would agree that the quality of inflight service remains an important element in choosing one’s preferred airline.

That is why at Labouré-Roi we believe it is our duty to accompany you during your air travel with our wines, so as to make your trip as pleasurable as possible.


Airline companies rigorously select the wines they serve aboard their planes during international blind tastings. These tasting are conducted by wine professionals, such as restaurateurs and oenologists. Labouré-Roi is very proud to be present on numerous prestigious airlines such as Etihad Airways (First class : Chassagne-Montrachet Blanc 2007 & Meursault Premier Cru Bouches Chères 2007), Eva Airways (lounge in Taiwan : Chablis Premier Cru 2011), Dragon Airlines (Business class : Montagny Premier Cru 2009), or Lufthansa (Business class : Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay 2011), to name but a few. We are also present in economy class on these same airlines as well as others such as: British Airways with our Merlot Vin de France 2010, or Air Caraïbes with our Chardonnay IGP Méditerranée 2014.

You can then prolong your trip by enjoying these wines at home, by fully immersing yourself in the richness of Burgundy and its terroirs, or you can discover all the wines we offer from other regions, which are accessible to all and will undoubtedly bring you just as much pleasure!

We invite you to discover Labouré-Roi’s wines during your next international trip and enjoy a gourmet break aboard your flight!

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