Marc Esquerré, an expert epicurean at the Maison Labouré Roi


Defender of great taste, the Chief Editor of the renown Gault&Millau guide, a tireless surveyor of the best French and Navarre restaurants is also an important advocate of France’s terroirs and its wine producers.

The meeting had thus been confirmed to come taste the Maison Labouré-Roi wines. Our name being present on a large number of renown appellations in Burgundy, Marc Esquerré tackled the tasting of our wines as a natural Gault&Millau process, without hinting as to the outcome.

“Gaining the Gault&Millau seal of approval for the Maison Labouré-Roi wines would be a significant advantage in terms of our image as well as a way to distinguish our team’s know-how and skill. Even if we have complete faith in our products, it is always a moment of truth to be face-to-face with such a prominent “epicurean” as Marc Esquerré. And although the meeting takes place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, all of us were somewhat nervous, as if we were passing a final exam.” Denis de La Bourdonnaye

Six series of wines, from all of Labouré-Roi’s different ranges, were presented to our tasters during this completely blind tasting. Big and small appellations were subjected to the implacable judgment of our expert tasters’ noses and palates.

“I highly appreciated Labouré-Roi’s approach to spontaneously offer a large selection of their different wines to taste by opening all their cuvées. It is always easy to appreciate great wines! But our work and all of Gault&Millau’s value lies in offering recommendations of good wines in all price ranges. Our requirements concern first and foremost the gustatory appeal of the wines but also the quality/price ratio and the wines’ relevance to their respective appellations.  A wine that costs 100 € can very well not be selected for the Gault&Millau label while a 6 € wine can truly charm us with its qualities in this price range. During the tasting at Labouré-Roi, I had the opportunity to taste interesting wines from all series, originating from both the small and grand cuvées. And that is something that is particularly meaningful to me. “ Marc Esquerré

Gault & Millau

As a result of this tasting, numerous Labouré-Roi wines were selected by Marc Esquerré for the Gault&Millau label, such as our Pinot Noir – Vin de France 2015 Vin de Plaisir, our Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru 2013 Vin d’Excellence, our Meursault 1er Cru Blagny 2013 Vin d’Excellence, our Saint-Romain blanc 2011 Vin de Terroir or our Merlot – Vin de France 2015 Vin de Plaisir.

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