The 2018 vintage by Cyril Picard

Almost there! There are only a few days left until the 15th of November, when wine connoisseurs all around the world, especially in Japan, will get the chance to discover the new vintage of our different Nouveau Wines!

To start the countdown we propose you a video presentation of each of our wines, the result of the historical and close partnership that we have built, through the passion and know-how of our oenologist Brigitte Putzu, with the vintners, our friends in the Beaujolais and Southern Burgundy areas.

So, in few days’ time before the famous third Thursday of November, let us first take you to the heart of Beaujolais, at the Chateau de Cercy not far away from Villefranche, where our friend Cyril Picard presents the new vintage of his 100 years old vines Beaujolais Nouveau:

A story about family, roots and pleasure to share!

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