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Labouré-Roi: what goes on behind the scenes of this wine merchant/producer from Burgundy


The wine merchant/producer trade is a specificity of Burgundy’s viticultural sector. It attests to the richness and sometimes relative complexity of a region that is unlike any other –where the wines produced are amongst the most renowned and respected throughout the world for their quality.


At Labouré-Roi, a wine merchant and producer since 1832, we produce fine wines from Burgundy from grapes and grape musts acquired from the region’s winegrowers, with the help of specialized traders. But the talent and mastery of our teams go far beyond that process.


For our oenologist – as for every winemake, the work starts in the vines. Knowing each climat, inspecting the parcels all year, observing, listening, collecting, tasting, exchanging, suggesting, proposing, counselling, deciding together about the harvest. That is the profound relationship that ties our oenologist to the winegrowers in Burgundy, with whom we work in close partnership. That is the secret to obtaining the best quality grapes, which consequently allows us to truly express the soul and flavor of each of Burgundy’s dinstict climat.


Then, our teams will vinify this precious treasure and turn it into great wines under the strict, meticulous, and inspired guidance of Brigitte Putzu. Each step of the process is a challenge that must be met with success. Technical skill and gustatory know-how, all is a matter of appropriate dosage. All of our wines are tasted and analyzed every three weeks during the ageing process.


But it is also primordial to carefully select the wine barrels according to each specific wine and decide of the quantity and type of new or old barrels that will be used per vintage. Brigitte selects the barrels from one of our six cooper workshops and decides of their renewal according to each year’s needs and those of the years to come. Our barrels are custom made. They play a vital role in the subtle chemistry operating between the wine and the oak during the precious liquid’s maturation process, in order to give it specific flavors and aromas right up to the bottling.


So many different steps are undertaken between the monitoring of parcels of vines, of a surface of no more than a few hundred square meters sometimes, and the bottles of Burgundy wines that you get to enjoy at home!

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