Welcome to Nuits-Saint-Georges!

Wine itself is a trip. Signing of nice wines, available, respectful of their land of origin and distributed to the four corners of the world, the Labouré-Roi House always participates in this initiation trip between dream and discovery that offers a wine tasting.

With the return of warm weather, we decided to go further by regularly sending a postcard from the villages and regions of origin of our finest vintages. And to inaugurate this new section “wine tourism”, Nuits-Saint-Georges seemed the ideal starting point!

Cradle of the Nuits side, our little town is a dream at the mere mention of its name all over the world… and even to the Moon since the mission Apollo XV astronauts gave its name to a crater of our satellite, in tribute to the story “around the Moon” by Jules Verne. A small square bears the name of the crater St. George at Nuits,… and the circle is complete!

Through quiet alleys, Burgundian mansions and many vaults welcome the visitor to the regular musical sound of the carillon of the belfry “nuiton” (the name given to the inhabitants of Nuits-Saint-Georges). The vineyards, of course, surround the small town and the view is breathtaking on the heights of the road of Chaux. Many are those, like hikers or walkers to take the paths of winemakers, through plots as prestigious as poetic names as Aux Saints Juliens, Les Damodes or Les Cailles, as much terroirs that shape the reputation of this mythical appellation.

Each spring, the last weekend in March, the sale of wines of the Hospices of Nuits comes with many cultural and sports activities for a time among the most important of the year, after the harvest, of course!

As for restaurants, the city is not at rest, we’re in Burgundy still! The team and the Labouré-Roi wines have their habits at the restaurant “Le chef Coq” in the exceptional setting of the Hotel “La Gentilhommière” where the service and reception are very pleasant. But it’s probably to ‘La Cabotte‘ in the heart of the city that the taste buds are more spoiled. The food is tasty and the place very neaty for a moment that we promise memorable!

Cassis and liqueurs are also among the local specialties, not to mention cheeses such as that of the monks of the Abbaye de Cîteaux, separated on a few kilometers from the plain of Nuits by a magnificent forest familiar to lovers of fresh air, serenity and Lily of the valley!

Therefore, there are many celebrations for lovers of nature, heritage and gastronomy. Nuits-Saint-Georges offers between vineyards and culture, a nice summary of the art of living in Burgundy, and it is with passion and tradition that Labouré-Roi is raising its wines since 1832.

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