Art and wine can stand opposite each other and mutually attract each other as well! Their common search for the just expression of sensations, impressions, and emotions often make them cross paths. That is why the Maison Labouré-Roi continues to express a great interest and historical attachment to French artists’ extraordinary creations by renewing its partnership with Joyce Delimata, painter and renown visual artist based in Nuits-Saint-Georges.

Deeply entrenched in Burgundy’s wine culture, her paintings reflect Burgundy’s “climats”, the birth of wine and the growth of its vine stocks, with a strong and impressive visual poetry. Her work naturally guided her towards creating exclusive works of art destined for “exceptional” Maison Labouré-Roi labels for our ‘primeurs’ wines, which she has been creating for many years now.

With each new vintage, the artist explores the depths of the Domaines’ cellars, walking along its alleys, with a sketch pad in her hand, capturing the colors of the wine musts and juices in the barrels. “I have access to the intimacy of the cellar where all the alchemy happens, where the grapes go through their rite of passage before becoming a wine. I accompany the secretive work that takes place in the barrels. Perched above them, I observe the process of life unfolding and paint the mass of purplish logs, the juice that surrounds them, the foam that gushes out gradually stained with color. All of this is in perpetual motion and offers a palette of intense colors that celebrate the next vintage”.

In 2016, Joyce started working on a new theme for the Maison Labouré-Roi. The result of this new exploration of Burgundy’s wines will be offered to Sapporo Breweries, our importer in Japan, and the artwork will be reproduced on a label in its final stages of production.

We believe this 2016 label will be an intense work of art, that will dress up in a unique, subtle, and strong way our bottle of “primeur” wine – a wine of a vivid color and with crisp aromas, created by another brand of artists: our partner winegrowers, our oenologist and… Mother Nature!

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